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  • Daily and Weekly Plans
    Cashout 80% in 4 weeks
    Daily cashout
  • Daily and Weekly Plans
    Cashout 80% in 4 weeks
    Daily cashout
  • Daily and Weekly Plans
    Cashout 80% in 4 weeks
    Daily cashout

Bitcoin Trend and Arbitrage Trading  get started now! Trading Bitcoin safely and securely

Investment Plans

after 10 days
0.50% daily
Min:$10 Max:$100
after 45 days
1.00% daily
Min:$250 Max:$1000
after 90 days
1.50% daily
Min:$500 Max:$1000
after 180 days
2.00% daily
Min:$1000 Max:$10000

Stable Investment Services

Long-term trend and arbitrage trading for stable profits and secured investments

Professional Team

Our team is specialized in Bitcoin trading. 100% of our time is invested into this currency to provide the best knowledge advantage.

Stable Profits

Your money is our priority. Safety first in trading. Our strategies are invented to realize steady moderate profits.

Secured System

Money is one important element. We have a secured system where your money is 100% guaranteed to be safe and protected.

Investment Progress

Transparency means confidence and confidence is critical in investments. Watch your investments reported in real time.

About Urban Invest We specialize in Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies are growing fast around the world and created a huge and profitable market. The volatility of cryptocurrencies ensures many trading opportunities on on a daily basis. We are working around the clock to make sure we don't miss the best opportunities for successful trades.

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Bitcoin and arbitrage trading Arbitrage trading of Bitcoin safely and securely

We work 7 days a week conducting arbitrage trading of primarily Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency. Millions of dollars are flowing from traditional venture capitalists into Bitcoin companies. The line between Bitcoin and mass adoption is getting thinner. With its volatility, we are able to execute trades based on the market trends of Bitcoin to earn profit for you and our company. There is no other financial market on earth that gives the daily ability to generate constant profit with the up and down price swings of Bitcoin as well as the most freedom. Please join us today and feel free to contact us about any questions you may have about Bitcoin and arbitrage trading.

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